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Kathy de Stafford Collection For Fields

Image from Fields

Hello all, this post is dedicated to Kathy de Stafford and her exclusive collection with FieldsKathy De Stafford is a leading Irish bridal designer with over 28 years experience and she is renowned for her stunning designs.

I attended the launch of this fabulous collaboration a few weeks ago and I was blown away by the collection. It is so beautiful, featuring pendants, earrings and of course diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. There is a collection to suit all tastes whether you are drawn to classic, vintage or statement detail.

"For a couture designer, jewellery is an intrinsic part of that window into the bride’s inner self. I was always fascinated by the myriad of ring designs chosen by my brides, and I wanted to become involved in the creation of this special ring that would be worn every day of a bride’s life."

“When Fields approached me, I realised that I had found the openness and complementary design creativity that I had been interested in. I love the fact that, like me, Fields are an Irish company that have been looking after Irish brides for nearly fourty years. Importantly, as I worked with them I found that we think, create and work well as a unit. That’s not just creative, it’s also fun which is a critical part of creativity.”

Quote sourced from Fields website by Kathy on the collection. 
The beautiful collection 

With a groundbreaking collaboration like this, you might think that it all just happens. It takes a team of experts and time for results like this to happen. I was very lucky to have a chat with some of the team about the journey of the collaboration at the launch. Also getting to meet Kathy was very special, she is is a very inspiring Women.

Every detail was thought of from the dresses, rings, right down to the packaging. The design and presentation of the Jewellery box will make for a perfect keepsake as part of your wedding story and the inner box is perfect for the proposal part, as can be easily hidden away.

The Detail (image from Fields)
One of the gorgeous pendants from the collection featuring the Swan detail.  

Speaking of detail, a topaz blue stone adorns the shank of each ring reflecting Kathy's signature brand colour. You can also order the stone in rose gold and yellow. This special detail is a secret between you and your love. Swans also feature in the collection, they are present in the pendants and earrings, a symbol of everlasting love. It's all extremely romantic.

Of course, I had to try on 

The Collection:

The collection features a statement, signature and vintage element.
Each collection features its own key pieces from rings, earrings and pendants. Below is a taster of each collection, view more of the collections here 

The Vintage Collection:

The Statement Collection:

The Signature Collection: 

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There you have it the perfect match Kathy de Stafford & Fields. 
Available in stores now
Happy Wedding Planning 


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