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Caroline And Pauls Intimate Garden Wedding

Hello all, I am delighted to be starting a new feature on my blog where I will be sharing real wedding stories with you. If you want to feature your wedding story you can contact me via email

This post is dedicated to the wedding story of Caroline & Paul.  Let's start at the beginning of their wedding story.. the engagement took place in the Botanic Gardens a very special place for them as a family and couple.
"On the 18th January 2015, Paul and I brought the kids to the botanic gardens as we have done in the past and it didn’t seem strange to me that day apart from the fact we had just been to an anniversary mass for Paul’s mam and were heading to dinner with the family. So I thought it was a little odd but knowing Paul I went along with it as he is a sentimental man and I figured he just wanted to do something nice to mark the day
"It was a cold January day Paul was drying a seat for me to sit on. I turned away to fix the seat and as…

Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Hello all, for this post, I am going to share some fabulous alternative hen party ideas. This post has been on my to-do list for a long time now, if you're stuck on ideas for something different then don't worry because I have you covered, from Gin School to Glamping and everything in between. These venues and activities will ease the stress of planning so enjoy the read.

Organising a hen party can be a very difficult and tiring task. If you have been tasked as the hen party organiser you probably have a sense of the pressure already.
My top tip is to make the whole planning process as easy as possible for yourself, especially if you're not used to planning and organising. The venue and activities that you choose will help take that stress away so ensure that you choose well. Also bear in mind that the Bride needs to feel special and relaxed.
Even if there is mayhem going on in the background don't let her see it.

Listoke Distillery & Gin School:

First up is Listoke…